QEMC Consulting Services


QEMC, LLC helps organizations manage risk, achieve process certification and drive improvement by providing training, self-declaration audits and supplier management programs that can improve business performance. We provide independent audits, assessments and certification of your business processes to ensure they comply with industry standards or customer specific requirements. We understand how compliance with those standards can improve the efficiency, economy and profitability of your operation.

Whatever business you are in, QEMC, LLC can assist you at every stage in building a culture of best practices. We provide expertise and tool-based solutions to help you manage risk and drive improvement.


These tools include:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Training & Education
  • Solutions Implementation
  • Audits, Inspection & Verification
  • Improvement Solutions


QEMC industry consultants are highly qualified:

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  • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001 and RC 14001 standards
  • Certified Lead Auditor for OHSAS 18001 and Z-10
  • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001
  • Heavy experience with environmental, health and safety and quality management systems since 1998
  • Over 500 audits in a variety of industries
  • Expertise in State and local EPA regulations, governmental reporting, permitting, waste disposal, chemical handling and compliance programs, as well as, conduct compliance audits and risk management evaluations
  • Expertise in OSHA regulations,  governmental reporting, OSHA regulatory-required training and compliance programs, as well as OSHA compliance audits and risk management evaluations

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