QEMC Can Improve Your Bottom Line


QEMC Improvement Solutions offers a broad range of services to develop adaptable programs that take leadership, management and process systems far into the future. Our consultants examine the process issues at hand to determine how they are best meeting the needs of the company’s output and ultimately their customers. We’ve helped organizations achieve significant improvements with many core production processes, which has led to significant results.


QEMC Process Improvement Implementation:

  • Identify process owners
  • Assess customer requirements and expectations
  • Walk the processes
  • Assess the infrastructure
  • Assess current information systems
  • Identify best practices
  • Customer driven process redesign
  • Action plan development
  • Implementation
  • Measurement and monitoring process performance and customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate, Process Audit, Target Improvement


QEMC works closely with your associates to define and execute a crafted improvement solution that will effectively permeate throughout your organizations and have long-lasting, positive effects to your bottom line.

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  • Create a structure and mechanisms to support the continuous improvement effort
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators that measure the predictors of customer satisfaction and operational performance
  • Assess your business practices to determine their effectiveness, deployment, and results
  • Develop detailed action plans to help you achieve performance excellence
  • Develop internal facilitators and provide practical training in problem solving tools
  • Utilize the principles of Process Management to optimize business processes


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