ISO 9001 Certification 


QEMC has been assisting companies of all sizes to implement quality management systems since 1998, and have assisted hundreds of organizations in attaining ISO 9001 certifications.
As an experienced ISO 9001 training and consulting organization, QEMC can help your company  understand, apply and manage quality system requirements while ensuring that your program proceeds smoothly.

ISO 9001 has evolved continuously since its introduction and continues its evolution as technology changes and industry requirement become more specific. Trade organizations find that while a standards practice may be a good fit, it may not encompass all processes involved with their particular product.

QEMC consultants have extensive experience in developing and implementing ISO 9001 standards systems in a wide variety of industries. Our ISO consulting services have been refined through years of hands-on application, and our offerings continue to improve, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service available. We work closely with you and your associates to develop specific objectives, outcomes and ensure your business goals are met.


Our ISO 9001 consulting services can help you:

  • Develop and certify in a new ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Strengthen an existing ISO 9001 program through a gap analysis by determining what is needed to meet the ISO 9001 standard.


Our Services and Programs

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  • Based on your organization’s specific needs and objectives, we can provide you with the following consultant assistance:
  • Process study and gap analysis
  • Management planning, documentation, implementation and maintenance
  • Performance of internal audits
  • Management representative support
  • Facilitation of management reviews
  • Employee training and skills development
  • Registrar selection assistance and related support
  • Certification audit, surveillance audit and re-certification support
  • Analysis and improvement of process performance and product conformance data
  • Supply chain audits


ISO 9001 Implementation

Certification – The standard time for implementing an ISO 9001 certification system is 12-18 months. QEMC averages certification for an organization in an average time-frame of 6-8 months, much faster than the industry standard.

Project management – QEMC works closely with your company’s management to schedule the necessary activities,  personnel access and training necessary to complete the certification.

Minimum disruption – QEMC knows a company must continue in it’s daily output in order to remain viable, which is why our consultants work hard to minimize any employee interruptions.


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